William Miles - After all, I've seen the truth. That's the beauty and the horror of the animus. A device that allows us to enter and experience the lives of our ancestors. It holds the power to change everything. To show his history the way really happened. Up until it's creation, to the victor went the spoils - went the truth.

Abbas - Silence is just another form of a sin.

The Creed's maxim - Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Niko Bellic - War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.

Illusive Man - Information is my weapon, Shephard. It's good.

Thane - We must carry the weight of our decisions, Shepard. You, of all people, know this.

Commander Shepard - Your past doesn't have to control you.

Dalatrass - A bully has few friends when he needs them most.

Javik - Stand amongst the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters.

Wheatley - You know what I have too many of around here? Monitors. I was just thinking earlier today I wish I had fewer monitors that were working. So you're actually helping me by smashing them.

Wheatley - You two are going to *love* this big surprise. In fact, you might say that you're going to love it... to death. Love it... until you're, until it kills you. Until you're dead. Alright? I don't know whether... you're, uh, you're picking up on what I'm saying there, but...

Kaepora Gaebora - It appears that the time has finally come for you to start your adventure! You will encounter many hardships ahead... That is your fate. Don't feel discouraged, even during the toughest times!